Exclusive jewellery and unique
hand-made lampwork beads

Since 1991

History - a few generations ago, more than 150 years ago – a wooden cottage,
a dark room, hands and glass illuminated by the fiery flames from a lamp...
honest handcraft. The first hand-shaped lampwork beads were made.
Today - the production principle remains the same.

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It all begins with an idea. An idea of a woman.

The woman who will be wearing our jewellery. What’s she like? What does she like? How does she want to feel? Every bead, every piece of jewellery – we mull over and elaborate every detail. Shape, size, the interplay of colours – all in perfect harmony; everything must be perfect. We use these ideas to design flawless beads, unique jewellery whose beauty and originality will underscore the exceptional nature of every woman.


Elaborate handwork.

We shape every bead separately by hand from glass over a flame, perfectly focused and taking due care of every movement. We don’t rush. Single strokes of molten glass, like a painter painting his masterwork.

Premium materials.

Czech crystal and coloured glass combined with 24 ct gold, 999 fineness silver or with special ornamentation.


Every woman wants a piece of beauty just for her.

And that’s why every piece of our jewellery is unique, just like the woman who is going to wear it. We don’t produce infinite amounts; we always produce limited numbers, and sometimes just a single original piece. The best is for her alone.